The Nuclear AMRC has helped hundreds of companies to achieve their goals through manufacturing innovation and supplier development.

We have worked with businesses of all sizes to help them become more competitive, and delivered real business benefits. We have helped companies win billions of pounds of new business, and create or safeguard thousands of jobs.

You can discover some of our recent success stories below. Click on the title or image to open each case study as a two-page pdf.

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Manufacturing innovation

Manufacturability review saves costs and time for Nuclear Transport Solutions

In 2022, we completed a design-for-manufacturing review of NTS’s new waste transport container, which will safely carry radioactive waste to the proposed Geological Disposal Facility.

The results accelerated development of the product, and should significantly reduce the costs of producing a fleet of 150 containers.

“The results of the manufacturability assessment have been invaluable in progressing the SWTC-255 design.” – Sean Perry, lead design engineer, NTS.

Simulations identify real savings for heat treatment users

Our digital engineers completed a set of complex simulations to help improve the efficiency of energy-intensive heat treatment processes.

The work was part of a two-year collaborative project called AI6S, which is developing a suite of process optimisation tools based on artificial intelligence and lean six sigma practices to reduce the energy used in heat treatment.

The partners estimate that the tools, if applied across a range of foundation industries, could reduce annual emissions by the equivalent of 21,800 tonnes of carbon dioxide in the UK alone.

“It was great to have support from the local Nuclear AMRC facility, as it’s invaluable to have science-backed analysis to enable change decisions.” – Steve Savage, strategic operations manager, Abbey Forged Products.

H V Wooding wins new work and drives investment

We worked with specialist manufacturer H V Wooding to improve the production efficiency and quality of its busbars for the growing electric vehicle market.

The one-year project helped H V Wooding secure new business, and gave it the confidence to invest in new production capabilities.

“Working with the Nuclear AMRC helped us achieve our aims – not just in achieving the initial required results, but the consistency required to make a commercially viable operation with investments continuing.” – Simon Stewart, technical manager, H V Wooding.

Supply chain development

Trillium Flow Technologies brings new culture to historic brands

Specialist manufacturer Trillium Flow Technologies is aiming to put its valves back at the heart of the UK nuclear industry after being granted Fit For Nuclear.

After driving improvements in areas around nuclear culture, the team say that F4N has given them new enthusiasm to get out and talk to major players in the UK nuclear market.

“When we’re talking to our customers, companies are asking are we F4N? People are pleased that we’re F4N granted, because that’s what they’re looking for now.” – Ged Chauveau, head of engineering, Trillium Flow Technologies.

Severfield builds its capabilities for nuclear

Structural steel market leader Severfield is building its presence across the nuclear sector with support from our Fit For Nuclear programme.

Two of the group’s business units – Severfield Nuclear & Infrastructure, and Severfield Products & Processing – are now granted F4N, and have won work at Hinkley Point and Sellafield.

“What I like about the F4N approach is that it gives you a gap analysis of where you are – it lets you understand what nuclear clients are looking for, and helps you decide what you need to approach first.” – Arwen May, head of nuclear quality, Severfield.

Michell Bearings puts safety culture first

Michell Bearings, a long-established supplier to the nuclear industry, has taken its safety culture to a higher level with help from our Fit For Nuclear programme.

The team drove improvements around people and process excellence, and focused on rolling out nuclear safety culture training across the business to increase the awareness of the importance and criticality of nuclear-related work.

“We found the F4N process both enlightening and rewarding as it has enabled us to identify potential areas for improvement, and to improve awareness throughout the business on the safety-critical nature of this sector.” – Jeff Hall, quality manager, Michell Bearings.