The Nuclear AMRC is led by its industrial members, for the benefit of all in the UK supply chain. Members come from across the UK civil nuclear manufacturing supply chain, from major corporates to SMEs.

Member companies bring value to the Nuclear AMRC through:

  • Their own expertise and capabilities.
  • Support for generic research projects.
  • Extensions to our knowledge base through specific research.
  • Support for the UK cluster of nuclear manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Support for strategic alliances between leading manufacturers, research centres, and associated industries.
  • Annual fee, in cash or kind, to support our shared resources.

The Nuclear AMRC has two tiers of full fee-paying membership, for companies which are already in the nuclear supply chain or are serious about becoming involved. The appropriate tier depends on the company’s size and position in the supply chain.

We currently have around 40 member companies, including reactor providers, manufacturers from along the supply chain, and providers of specialist equipment and services. See our lists of tier one and tier two members for full details.

To find out how you could join them, see membership.

Our members: